Will Tuberville Always Be An Auburn Man?

Watching former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville interview for the Texas Tech job has brought on some interesting emotions from Auburn fans – including myself. Some want to see him do well, while others hate to see him wear anything but orange and blue.

WarDamnZach brought up the question earlier this week about whether Tuberville will still be an Auburn man if he moves on to another school. Auburn fans have strong opinions. Regardless of whether he ends up in Lubbock or somewhere else, the odds are long that he’ll ever reach the level of success or tenure that he got while in Auburn. It’s certainly possible, but history tells us few have done it, with one of the primary exceptions being Nick Saban – and that’s up for debate.

Should Tuberville never again go undefeated or win multiple conference championships at another school, he most likely will always be identified as an Auburn man. Obviously, if he exceeds his success at Auburn, he’ll be more linked with his new school.

I’m pulling for Tuberville. He’s always been a class act when I’ve been around him and from reading Track’em Tigers, you know I’ve been a big supporter. There’s no doubt he made mistakes in his final years on the Plains. They are well documented. Some of those issues have undoubtedly come back to haunt him in the interview process. But his success at Auburn far out weighs what happened at the end.

What are Tuberville’s chances of landing the Texas Tech job? It’s hard to say. A new wrinkle has developed this morning with the news that Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart is scheduled to interview with Tech officials sometime today.