Willingham’s failure doesn’t make Weis better

Here’s what Notre Dame football fans don’t seem to comprehend:

1. I’ve never stated that Tyrone Willingham was a great (or even good) coach; 2. I never blasted Notre Dame for firing Tyrone Willingham; 3. My problem with Charlie Weis and Notre Dame is the premature, undeserved lifetime contract he received after proving nothing and the reach-around Notre Dame and Weis received from most of the media during his first season.
I’ve written two columns spelling out my position on the Great Weis Hope. Here and here.

Notre Dame fans are having trouble grasping either column. They somehow think that Willingham’s failure at Washington justifies giving Weis a record contract at Notre Dame. And they also believe that Willingham’s demise nullifies the truths expressed in my previous columns about the Great Weis Hope.