Win or lose, Super Bowl puts Drew Brees on track to higher-profile endorsement deals

Experts say the Super Bowl spotlight has already put the 31-year-old New Orleans Saints quarterback on track to begin tapping higher-profile national endorsement deals. Even landing a spot on a Wheaties cereal box, where numerous athletes have been showcased over the years, is not out of the question for Brees if the Saints win today.
“I’d be surprised if we didn’t see him on a Wheaties box (if they win),” said Gabe Feldman, associate professor of law and director of Tulane University’s Sports Law Program.
Win or lose, the Super Bowl opens up a higher tier of endorsement opportunities for athletes like Brees, who has already done promotional work for groups including Visa, the United Way and Cox Communications.
“You get so much publicity leading up to the game and a solid two weeks of interviews and stories about the players,” Feldman said.