Thad Cochran: Unfaithful Husband. Untrustworthy Politician.

What the voters of Mississippi should take away from this incident is several things:
?First. Thad Cochran has been an unfaithful husband and done so in an open and notorious manner not even rivaled by Bill Clinton.
?Second. While his wife was shut away in a nursing home in Mississippi he has lived with one of his staffers.
?Third. Thad Cochran is not a trustworthy man. Any man who would abandon his disabled wife and put his mistress on his office payroll brings us back to the days of Congressman Wilbur Hays who also put his mistress on his office payroll. Unlike Hays, Cochran will not be forced to retire into well deserved obscurity.
?Fourth. The men supporting Thad Cochran are men without integrity and without any sense of honor or proportion. They will do or say whatever they are paid to do or say. If that includes cavorting with peophiles and adulterers and spreading lies, they will do so — so long as their next check clears the bank. By using such scum, he has made himself vulnerable to the truth.
?Fifth. If Thad Cochran will toss his disabled wife aside for his own selfish pleasure and put his mistress on his payroll, what chance to do you, an anonymous taxpayer, have?

When all is said and done Mississippi voters have this choice. On the one had they have a career politician who no longer lives in Mississippi. A man who has abandoned his disabled wife and taken up with his mistress to the extent of living in her house and putting her on his payroll. On the other hand they have an honorable man, and a conservative, who in a worst case scenario went to a fundraiser hosted by a guy who knew the guy who illegally entered Ms. Cochran’s nursing home to document her abandonment by her husband. That is pretty close to a no-brainer for the normal person.