FoxNewsRepublican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, 42, brings strong fiscal conservative credentials to the Romney-Ryan ticket as the Vice President pick.

Here’s a quick look at Ryan’s bio from his Congressional website:

Born and raised in the community of Janesville, Paul Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin native. Currently serving his 7th term as a Member of Congress, Paul works to address the many important issues affecting Wisconsin residents and serve as an effective advocate for the 1st Congressional District.

He is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he works to bring fiscal discipline and accountability to the federal government. He is a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax policy, Social Security, health care and trade laws.

Paul has put forward a specific plan to tackle our looming fiscal crisis, driven by the explosion of entitlement spending. “The Path to Prosperity” helps spur job creation today, stops spending money the government doesn’t have, and lifts the crushing burden of debt. This plan puts the budget on the path to balance and the economy on the path to prosperity.

Paul is a graduate of Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville and earned a degree in economics and political science from Miami University in Ohio.

Paul and his wife Janna live in Janesville with their children, daughter Liza and sons Charlie and Sam. The youngest of four children, Paul is the son of Paul Sr. (deceased) and Betty Ryan. He is a member of St. John Vianney’s Parish.

And from FoxNews, here’s more on Ryan:


* Currently serving seventh term as a member of Congress.
* Ryan was little known outside Janesville when he ran for Congress in 1998 at age 28. He captured 57 percent of the vote.
* Ryan’s first budget plan, which he called “Roadmap for America’s Future,” was released in 2010.
* Early in his career as a representative to Congress, Ryan held office hours in an old truck he converted into an office.
* Ryan was the legislative director for Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, 1995-1997.


* Born and raised in the community of Janesville; Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin native.
* Ryan moonlighted on Capitol Hill as a waiter at the Tortilla Coast restaurant and as a fitness trainer at Washington Sport and Health Club.
* One of Ryan’s summer jobs in college was as an Oscar Mayer salesman in Minnesota, peddling turkey bacon and a new line called “Lunchables” to supermarkets.
* Ryan worked as a marketing consultant for his family’s construction business before being elected to Congress. The company — Ryan Incorporated Central — began as an earthmoving business created by his great-grandfather in 1884.