Wish-ing upon the stars and stripes we hear from Army

The wishbone is back in all its belly-series, option-pitch glory.

Ssshhh, you’re not supposed to know. Try to keep that between us. If Army coach Stan Brock knew that we knew, he might have to kill us. Don’t laugh. The guy does coach some of the baddest men on the planet — future Army Rangers.
But right now we know more about troop movements in the Middle East than we do about halfback movements in Brock’s new offense. That both involve the Army should give you some indication of the level of silliness that has descended over one of the nation’s most honored programs.
Losing is one thing — Army has 17 victories this decade. Losing in anonymity is unforgivable. Human garbage like Jamie Lynn Spears has no shame, selling pictures of her out-of-wedlock child to gossip magazines. Meanwhile, there are legions who would sell their souls to see Army football win again. These days, they can’t even see Army football.
A program that should be celebrating its athletes, history and tradition has been in lockdown mode. No fans, no media while the new offense was installed. Brock won’t speak of it. Players and coaches are not allowed to speak of it.