With help of refs, Villanova avoids historic upset to Robert Morris

Villanova star Scottie Reynolds, who was benched at the start of the game for discplinary reasons, was the beneficiary of many of the whistles. Though he was an ice-cold 2-of-15 from the field, he shot 16 free throws and seemed to get away with multiple charges, push-offs and hand-checks. On The Dagger’s live chat, one panelist said Reynolds was getting as many calls as Michael Jordan in his heyday.

One call was a microcosm of the rest of the game: With Villanova leading by four in overtime, Robert Morris ran a defensive trap at midcourt and appeared to cleanly force a jump ball. But an official whose vision of the play was obscured by the bodies of the three players involved in the scrum whistled a foul on the Colonials. Objectively, it wasn’t even close.

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