After long hiatus, PEER watchdog panel running again

The state Legislature’s “watchdog” committee is back up and running after a long hiatus and has issued its first report since late 2015.

The committee had been defunct much of this year, with Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves delaying his Senate appointments to the Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review, or PEER…

…The committee is made up of seven Senate and seven House members. They oversee a director and staff of – currently – 23 accountants and government experts who dig into state agency spending and operations. Chairmanship of the committee rotates between House and Senate members. Sen. Tommy Gollott, R-Biloxi is the new chairman.

“PEER does wonderful work,” Gollott said. “It helps the Legislature, and helps all the rest of the agencies throughout the state. When we get a letter or complaint, we go over it, see if it warrants an investigation and if it does, we’ll do it.”

Clarion Ledger