With nothing to gain, Miami Dolphins help Tim Tebow
Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee is at the root of Tim Tebow’s new throwing motion that has been the talk of the NFL Combine.

INDIANAPOLIS — Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee already has been credited with some impressive accomplishments during the past seven years.

He’s the assistant who brought the Wildcat offense to Miami in 2008, and he also is the former Cowboys quality control coach who is recognized for developing Tony Romo’s throwing motion in 2003 before Romo budded into a star.

It could soon be time to add another: The Tim Tebow project

“I’ve learned a lot from Coach Lee,” said Tebow, who concluded his NFL Combine workouts Sunday. “He’s a great coach. We worked a lot on different drops, on coming out of play actions, adjustments in plays they had. It’s a wonderful experience for me.”