Bryan Fischer: Gov. Bryant can strike blow for religious liberty

But in Judge Reeve’s Hitleresque world (Hitler famously said, “the church must be separate from the state”), it will now cost the Rankin County School Board a cool $10,000 to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right that should be theirs for free.

Now Todd Starnes, to his everlasting credit, is willing to fork over the 10 grand himself if the school goes ahead and authorizes the band to play “How Great Thou Art” at their next home game. And to the everlasting credit of Brandon High School fans, they broke into their own rendition of the hymn when this mean-spirited judge wouldn’t let the band do it…

…Gov. Bryant would be well within his rights, both under the federal Constitution and the MIssissippi constitution, to tell the Rankin school board that the band is free to play “How Great Thou Art” as often as they want to on the football field or in a concert or at a graduation ceremony, and that he will use every bit of his authority as governor to protect their freedom to do so…

…It’s time for Gov. Bryant to say this about Judge Reeves, “The judge has issued his ruling. Now let him enforce it.” And the reality is there wouldn’t be a single, solitary thing Judge Reeves could do about it other than fume and rant and rage. He has no enforcement powers whatsoever, no officials he can order out to detain anybody or to compel servile underlings to comply with his outrageous ruling.