Member calls for resignation of Mississippi NAACP President

The consent order says One Voice spent thousands on expenses not related to its state purpose of “improving the quality of life for African-Americans and other disenfranchised communities,” including $2,400 for an NAACP web page.

The order says the civil rights group reimbursed One Voice for that expense. When asked if other members also wanted Johnson to resign she replied, “Yes, several members.”

With tears in her eyes and her voice cracking, she said the co-mingling of images has raised eyebrows, concerns. She wants Johnson to step down immediately and stop using the name of the NAACP in association with the charity.

“I would like Derrick to step down until he takes care of his responsibilities with this issue then come back clean and continue his work,”said Perry.

Perry showed us NAACP letter head that included an email address for his charity including a letter for fundraising. The charity is listed at the same address as the NAACP on Lynch street.

“All the people who struggled for justice true justice and here you are a man that holds the position to stand up for justice and you are using it in vain with the name of the NAACP,” said Perry. “I guess I’m a little upset.”