DoD Inspector General answers questions about the Warr property sale

Questions about how the Warr family purchased two beachfront houses from the Armed Forces Retirement Home have been answered by the Department of Defense’s Inspector General.

The questions came from Congressman Gene Taylor. He wondered how the Warrs were able to buy two valuable beachfront parcels in 2003 for just under a million dollars.

According to a report released by the Inspector General on February 22, the management of the Armed Forces Retirement Home could have gotten more money for the land. But those managers never got an independent appraisal.

“If AFRH officials had required appraisals of the two beachfront properties before the sale, officials may have been able to sell the properties for a higher amount, resulting in additional money for the AFRH Trust Fund,” the report stated. “In addition, the use of separate real estate agents could have decreased the appearance of a conflict of interest and increased documentation of the negotiations.”