Oil and hurricanes spark lots of comment

Apparently our editorial about oil and hurricanes and everyone needing to know what insurance will or won’t cover if a hurricane should push oil inland, got a lot of you talking or should we say posting. You all shared a lot of your thoughts on our WLOX Facebook page and on wlox-dot com.

Faith O’Brian said, “BP should pay.”

Susan Stodola wrote, “Your right it should be BP, but I wonder if that is going to happen. A hurricane and the oil are going to destroy the Gulf Coast and I wonder if there is ever going to be a come back from that.”

A person going by the title ‘resident,’ posted, “Please let Mike Chaney have a plan for additional coverage if oil comes ashore with a hurricane, this should last for several years, because it will take a time for the oil to clear out. The coverage should not be for just one-time or one year but ongoing.”

And Keith commented, “…. I don’t know of any insurance policy that covers the cost of oil remediation. This is something the Mississippi Insurance Commission better discuss with BP immediately….”

Many of you wrote about people having called their insurance agents to find out what was covered by their policies. That is what we encourage you to do. Know your coverage.