House flips on worker comp

Tempers ran high among some Democrats after the vote, with Rep. Bob Evans, D-Monticello, getting into a scuffle with Rep Bennett Malone, D-Carthage. Malone was one of three Democrats, along with Ken Morgan of Morgantown and Jody Steverson of Ripley, who changed their earlier “no” votes to “yes.”

Reps. Jeff Smith, R-Columbus; Dennis DeBar, R-Leakesville; and Deborah Butler Dixon, D-Raymond; switched from voting “no” to not voting, decreasing the number of opponents by three more.

The House had voted down a similar bill 62-52 on March 14. In addition to the Democrats who changed their votes, five Republicans who had been absent or failed to vote also joined the “yes” side Wednesday.

Clarion Ledger