Would Horns of plenty exit Big 12? Maybe, if eyes of Texas see more

When the old folks huddle in booths and on barstools to lament the loss of the late, great Southwest Conference, Arkansas gets the blame for leaving and precipitating its demise. They miss a strategic point. You can’t kill a corpse.

No matter what happened with the Hogs, the SWC was doomed. With its unique, if highly flammable makeup of big state schools and four small privates as well as eight from one state, what’s remarkable is that it lasted as long as it did.

The Big 12 is a stronger conference than the old SWC, better balanced, certainly far more competitive nationally.

And the clock is ticking on it, too. Just a matter of Texas.

Last week’s flare-up about Texas and Big Ten expansion came and went with predictable results: Too far, too cold, too neutral. All good points, too.

But if you think Texas is content to be buckled up with the Big 12 for another 50 years or 20 or 10 or five, you don’t know Texas.