DeSoto Investigates Gas From Garbage

DeSoto County, MS – FAST FACTS:
DeSoto garbage dump closes in 1990
Decomposition gives off methane gas
County wants to capture the gas, and use or sell it

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(DeSoto County, MS 3/24/2010) DeSoto County is looking at an idea that would turn trash into treasure.

It wants to tap into old landfills as an energy source.

Things rot and decompose, and as they do, they create gases that can be captured as an energy source.

When folks dumped their trash on the old DeSoto landfill site in Nesbit years ago, they probably never suspected it might bring in money years later.

But now, Counties across the state are looking at just that.

John Banek says it makes sense, “I heard the Governor, Haley Barbour, talk about it in the state of the state address.” “You like the idea?” “Sounds like a good idea if it can make the state save money.”

How will it save money? The decomposing garbage, several feet below the grass gives off methane gas.