Mississippi Justice on Email
How the plaintiffs bar-attorney general nexus works in the raw.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood trekked to Washington in May to ask Congress to rewrite federal law so he can sue Gulf oil spill companies in state court. Like so many state AGs these days, Mr. Hood is looking to cash in with his Magnolia State legal home boys one more time.

For a backstage look at what’s doing in Jackson, we recommend a tour through the emails made public this month as part of litigation related to Mr. Hood’s last big legal shakedown, against insurers after Hurricane Katrina. As we wrote at the time, Mr. Hood used his powers of criminal investigation to soak property and casualty insurers, and to ensure that his trial bar retinue got part of the cut. A particularly large share went to tort kingpin Dickie Scruggs, who is now in jail for an unrelated attempt to bribe a judge.

. . .

It turns out that Mr. Hood was so tight with the Mississippi tort mob that he turned to them for help to refute our arguments that he was . . . in bed with the Mississippi tort mob.

WSJ Editorial