WSJ – Rangel’s Fate in Hands of 5 Republicans … including Gregg Harper

The ethics investigation into Rep. Charles Rangel has so far been mostly a Democratic affair.

Rangel, a New York Democrat first elected to the House four decades ago, is being charged with ethics abuses by the Democratic-run ethics committee as part of a promise by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington.

But an obscure group of Republicans could play the biggest role in the resolution of the case. Those Republicans are the five GOP members of the House ethics committee: Reps. Jo Bonner of Alabama, Mike Conaway of Texas, Charles Dent of Pennsylvania, Gregg Harper of Mississippi and Michael McCaul of Texas.

Heard of them? Probably not.

The most senior of them, Bonner, has been in Congress for just four terms. Rangel finished his fourth term when Jimmy Carter was president. Together, those five Republicans have a combined total of 28 years in Congress. That’s a decade less than Rangel alone.

Wall Street Journal