A Q&A With Colm Feore, the Man Who Played Dickie Scruggs

Back in November, Scruggs was indicted for allegedly bribing a judge in Mississippi, and it’s turned into quite a mess. In fact, we call it The Mess in Mississippi. The case might go to trial in March. Have you heard about any of this?

I had not heard about this case. But on the face of it, it seems way too dumb for Dickie. My experience of Mr. Scruggs is of a very generous, smart, and kindly southern gentleman. You must always keep in mind that Dickie’s success has likely made him as many enemies as friends. It sounds like rubbish to me.

What’s your view of lawyers? Do you think you’ll ever play one again?

I have a very balanced view of lawyers and can only judge them on their actions. When I see a script it is just that, a series of actions. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter to me. That’s what actors do. Say yes, and ask questions later.

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