Scruggs Motion Sheds Light on Evidence

Scruggs (noun): A condition characterized by a frequent desire to read about the Grisham-esque story of a famed Mississippi plaintiffs lawyer fighting criminal charges that he tried to bribe a judge.

That scratching in the back of your throat? The dehydration? The occasional twitches and increasing shakiness? Nope, it’s not a reminder of that extra cup of egg nog you had on Saturday night, Law Blog readers, it’s just that you’ve got a serious case of the Scruggs.

It’s been the better part of the week since we posted on what we’re affectionately calling the Mess in Mississippi. It’s not for lack of interest, but activity — only a trickle of news has emerged (all meticulously captured by the indefatigable Dave Rossmiller). Today, however, there’s a blog-worthy development: Lawyers for the whole lot of defendants have moved to continue the Jan. 22, 2008 trial date for 90-120 days for, among other reasons, “to allow for effective preparation of trial.”

Ashby Jones
WSJ Law Blog