WWII ammunition found in Woolmarket gets blown away

Ronnie Plummer thought he’d sow a few seeds next to his Mississippi 67 business so he could reap the rewards of a summer garden.

But he reaped a little more than he bargained for when he found an unexploded piece of ammunition in his field next to Superior Utility this week.

Plummer cleared the land and began planting corn and watermelon Wednesday when he found an unexploded ordnance in the middle of the field. He inspected it, turned it away from where he and cousin Danny Plummer were working, and spray painted it orange so he could work around it.

Then he finished planting his garden.

He called the Department of Defense, which directed him to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Friday, he put in a call and a deputy arrived about 9:30 a.m. He quickly identified the round as most likely coming from a World War II-era bazooka.

Then what? He called the bomb squad.