Wicker decidedly different from the late Sen.Jim Eastland

By Wyatt Emmerich, President/Emmerich Newspapers
The Picayune Item

PICAYUNE — Last month I was in Greenville for the annual Chamber of Commerce meeting. Sen. Roger Wicker was the keynote speaker and I had a chance to interview him one on one.

Wicker strikes me as composed, cautious and smart. He is definitely not a backslapping, good-ole-boy type like Jim Eastland. You won’t find Wicker saying anything stupid or embarrassing Mississippi. And his conservative credentials are groomed to a tee.

Wicker has two daughters and sons-in-law who live in Jackson — Margaret and Manning McPhillips who live in Belhaven with their one-year-old girl Caroline, and Caroline and Kirk Sims who live in Fondren. He also has a son, McDaniel Wicker, who is a second lieutenant in the Air Force. McDaniel just graduated with distinction from military intelligence school at Good Fellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas. He is soon to be deployed to Osan, Korea.

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