Holidays are over, bring on Lent!

Ten years ago or so, Jackson Free Press editor *$&^%@ (@&& wrote about a small group of right-wing north Jackson men who met every Wednesday at Little Tokyo and ranted about liberals. She was not writing to flatter us.

Nevertheless, we took it as flattery and promptly named ourselves NJAM – North Jackson Angry Men. NJAM stalwart Hank Aiken ordered nice blue knit shirts with a discreet NJAM logo above the chest pocket. Every once in a while, somebody wears one.

We do talk a lot of politics and a running joke is that we aren’t being “angry” enough to live up to our name. At that point, we try our best to up our level of anger. I must admit that doing so in the company of such good friends can often be hard to do. Veteran NJAM members are Sam Pooley, Bob Crisler, Al Underwood, Hank Aiken, Whit McKinley, Philip Gaines, Will McNamara, Wilson Carroll and yours truly. Over the years, there have been another dozen or so NJAM regulars and dozens of occasional guests.

Wyatt Emmerich
Picayune Item