Year in Review: Rich-Rod, Big 12 bottleneck and ‘Bama grab the headlines

Biggest stories from 2008
1. Rich Rodriguez: Let’s see, where do we begin? Rich-Rod leaves his alma mater for Michigan, gets embroiled in a contract buyout lawsuit that airs dirty little secrets, watches his new school eventually pay up, and his new team loses more games than any other has ever lost at Michigan. Now wouldn’t it have been easier to simply beat Pitt a year ago, then beat Ohio State in the national title game and sign a lifetime contract with WVU?

2. Oklahoma over Texas despite Texas over Oklahoma: I’m still trying to figure this one out. OU fans say it’s not about the most important numbers in one sense (Texas’ 45-35 win over OU in October), then say it’s all about the numbers in another (QB Sam Bradford’s Heisman Trophy win over Texas QB Colt McCoy). First non-OU shill to figure this out, please report to your nearest arbitrator for employment.

3. The return of Alabama: We all have fun little nicknames for Bama coach Nick Saban — Nicky Satan, the Nicktator, etc. What if we just call him the best program-builder in the game? The Tide went from a home loss to Louisiana-Monroe in 2007, Saban’s first season, to one loss from playing for it all. And just think: He’s only two recruiting classes into the turnaround.