Today, Majority in Mississippi posted a video from Jim Ragsdale, a “journalist” in Minnesota. The video was made under the auspices of comically convincing Brett Favre to return to the Vikings.

As you can tell by the lame attempts at humor, he took what can only be construed as some mean shots at Mississippi with images of the recent Yazoo City tornado damage and referring to the state multiple times as a “cesspool”.

I am not exactly what it is about folks from Minnesota that they determine they need to make fun of Mississippi to make themselves feel better about life. Judging by the fact that he was wearing hunters orange duck hunting, I’d say his outdoor creds leave much to be desired. Of course, Ragsdale likely got inspiration from Matt Entenza, a Democrat candidate for Governor of Minnesota. However, trashing Mississippi is likely not the way to get to the heart of a man from “the Kiln”.

Anyway, if Brett wants to go back and hang out with these folks . . . have at it, Sport. Y’all would then deserve each other.


Today, the Sun Herald reported that Ragsdale has made an apology.

“We do these spoof videos from time to time; we didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” Ragsdale said. “I deeply apologize for the wrong choice of words, and the cesspool word was intended as a joke. I could see people getting upset about the oil spill on the Gulf Coast and being associated with the word cesspool. I didn’t mean it that way. I deeply apologize.”

I contacted him later and asked if there was anything else he wanted to add. He wrote back . . .

I’d add that we meant to spoof Minnesota and our obsession with Brett — to make fun of ourselves.
And it was a joke — not a real criticism of a beautiful state.

And now, the video apology.