Southaven Mayor Greg Davis sought reimbursement from city, chamber for same charges, records show

The newspaper found another 29 charges in those months that matched in city and chamber records by date and name of business. A dollar amount couldn’t be matched because Davis provided no amount when justifying his city expenses. The 29 charges totaled $3,980 in chamber records.

The newspaper examined just three months because those were the only months over a nearly seven-year period for which the organizations could provide enough details to facilitate any comparison.

For years, neither organization required Davis to submit receipts. Both accepted vague, single-page invoices from the mayor. Repeatedly, invoices Davis sent the chamber over the years stated the same reason for payment: “City Business Relations/Promotions, Staff Development, Legislative Relations, Travel & Training.”

Releasing six years of records last week under threat of a lawsuit by the newspaper, the chamber explained in a four-page written report that Davis gave the chamber portions of his credit card statements in 2010 after the agency’s outside auditors demanded documentation for the mayor’s spending. Davis attached those statements to invoices submitted for July, August and September 2010.

When the chamber again pressed for greater detail at auditors’ request, it “did not receive any documentation (from Davis) in response to its request,” the report said.

The newspaper compared the three months of statements to receipts Davis submitted to Auditor Stacey Pickering to justify his city spending. The receipts totaled $44,000. In January, auditors reduced Davis’ outstanding debt by about $10,000, accepting that amount as legitimate.

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