PERRY/What’s Jim Hood’s move?

The chatter from a number of people around the state Capitol is that Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood won’t run for re-election. Or, he is contemplating a run for governor against incumbent Phil Bryant. Or, he is most definitely running again. Or, he has decided against running, but wants to be convinced that he should run for the good of the Democratic Party and the state.

The intriguing part of the chatter is its creation, in part, by Hood himself. In 2013, he said if he had to decide then he would be running for re-election this year. In 2014, he said at that point he was planning on running for re-election this year. Now in 2015, he told The Associated Press he would be making his “decision about his political plans” this month.

Regarding any thoughts about running for governor, Hood told AP reporter Emily Wagster Pettus, “I don’t know. I’m just going to have to wait and pray about it. I’ve got about another week or so before I have to do something.”

Madison Co. Journal