Mississippi lobbyist Austin Barbour has been extremely involved in the Mitt Romney campaign serving as one of his National Finance Chairmen. Now we are starting to see how much.

Today, Open Secrets had an article listing him as one of the top fundraisers in the 4th quarter for Romney’s campaign. A lot of that haul came from a big fundraising event that Austin spearheaded in Jackson, which is not exactly the hotbed of Presidential political finance – even in an election year.

Then Austin actually got two mentions in the New York Times this week. First, he was mentioned again in the fundraising context. And last Friday, he actually got a quote on behalf of the Romney campaign after Romney’s debate win over Gingrich in Florida.

The Romney campaign went after Mr. Gingrich once before, in Iowa, when Mr. Gingrich experienced a brief surge, but not so aggressively. Though Mr. Romney and his campaign have also been pressing their case against President Obama, they plan to keep the pressure on Mr. Gingrich.

“We lost (in South Carolina), and when you get back on your heels, you start to re-evaluate and say, ‘We need to pivot and we need to get on the offense,’ and we got on the offense against Newt,” said Austin Barbour, a national finance chairman for Mr. Romney. “If we win on Tuesday, we put him in a really difficult situation. He doesn’t have some huge staff, and you’re really putting a heavy burden on a slimmed down campaign to be able to run effectively in all those states.”