Not long ago, Mississippi politico and self-appointed values maven Burns Strider sent a press release out on the day Paul Ryan was chosen by Mitt Romney as his VP candidate.

Strider’s group deemed Paul Ryan “anti-Chrisitian” due to a quote he made praising Ayn Rand’s ability to demonstrate the morality of capitalism and individualism. His reasoning was that since he said something about Ayn Rand and since Any Rand was an atheist, Ryan was “anti-Christian”.

Fast forward four weeks.

Democrats removed the word “God” from their platform and removed explicit recognition of Jerusalem as the rightful and permanent capital of Israel. Conservatives pounced. Burns Strider wrote a piece for WAPO to say “no big deal”.

Then in a naked show of just abject political capitulation, the DNC delegates attempted to ramrod a rather tepid recognition of God and recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol on the floor of the convention.

Here’s how that went down.

Here’s what Strider and the American Values Network said about that. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

For someone who purports to represent “American Values”, Strider has shown himself and his organization to be a complete and total sham. For the AVN, faith and God are wielded like a political hammer in the worst way. They should be ashamed if they’re capable of it.

You can learn more about Strider’s organization, which includes John Arthur Eaves Jr. and Gloria Williamson as board members, at