Yesterday, Chris “Count” Chocola, head of Club for Growth, came out with an Op-ed in the Sun Herald saying that Thad Cochran was a (get ready) . . . . .


Chocola can certainly say whatever he wants. He’s awash in tea party money, captive to the “ultra” wing of the party and can buy his own microphone. However, you just didn’t hear much from Club4Growth about votes that Cochran made in the Jimmy Carter administration when his Club4Growth legislative score was a 67% in 2008 or 84% like it was in 2009 or 81% like it was in 2010.

At YP, we can deal with a lot of things. Hypocrisy ain’t one of them. If Thad Cochran has a liberal record, it would seem that Club4Growth has been historically a supporter of it.