Bless their heart. CottonMouth and the AP were all up in a tizzy about the how many dollars they might not get because of a lack of wholesale Obamacare/Medicaid expansion in Mississippi.

Failure to expand Medicaid to cost Greenville’s Delta Regional $3.9M starting October 1

Though Medicaid extended, Greenville’s Delta Regional Medical Center still facing cuts

But then there’s the issue of actually supporting Medicaid. In fact Rep. Willie Bailey from Greenville (pictured below for the benefit of the folks at Greenville Delta Regional) actually voted against Medicaid reauthorization. He didn’t vote for or against and expansion. He actually voted against Mississippi’s Medicaid program to be reauthorized – two days before it was set to completely shut down. Did anyone do any analysis about what NO Medicaid would do to Greenville Delta Regional? What’s that dollar figure?

Yet no one says a word.

Ever wonder who the press is in the tank for?