1. On 3/18/8, Moore unequivocably announced his client’s innocence. “Zach is innocent of the charges pressed against him, and we look forward to his exoneration.”
Three days later, Zach Scruggs pleaded guilty.

2. Then on 4/16/8, in a hearing, after running red-faced out of a courtroom to defend his buddy Jim Hood’s honor Moore was quoted as saying “Judge Lackey either is very confused or he made up the story out of whole cloth”.

3. Finally, on 7/3/8, Moore cracked this doozie . . . “His father is involved in something. What’s he going to do? Turn his father in?”

4. Don’t forget Mike Moore’s showdown with Judge Biggers at Zach Scruggs plea hearing.

5. After Zach Scruggs allegedly was seen strolling around the Square in Oxford while in transit to his halfway house, Moore said, “Zach Scruggs has violated no law, no rule, no regulation. It is a mystery why the Bureau of Prisons picked him up and put him in the county jail. My guess is because he was seen in the square, a lot of people started calling.”

6. And, finally, today, Pstay bRmfeld quotes Moore as saying, “I think we nailed them today,”