Frank Corder and Ricky Bishop have started ““. It’s goal is to force commitments from House candidates about who they would vote for in the Speaker’s race.

I don’t know if “Fire McCoy” will be the ultimate message. I still have major doubts about whether he runs for Speaker again. In fact, I don’t think he will. However, ultimately the Speaker’s race will come down to a vote between Billy McCoy or Bobby Moak and a conservative concensus choice (likely Phillip Gunn, Greg Snowden or Sid Bondurant).

Candidates should be put on a choice of those two. Conservatives need to very quickly gel their choice shortly after qualifying day so that the choice can at least be made for/against the conservative choice as the litmus test to see where swing candidates stand. We at YallPolitics will be pushing this decision very hard and helping to keep score of where everyone stands.

Here’s a copy of the FireMcCoy pledge.

2011 Mississippi House of Representatives
Conservative Speaker Pledge
I, _______________________________________, candidate for Mississippi state House
(candidate name)
District ________, do hereby pledge to the people of this district and to the people of Mississippi
(district #)
that I will NOT vote to reappoint Billy McCoy as Speaker of the Mississippi House of
I further pledge not to vote to appoint any liberal, progressive Democrat, such as those
currently serving at the will and pleasure of current Speaker Billy McCoy as committee chairs
and vice chairs, as Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives.
It is my firm understanding that, if elected, the vote I cast for Speaker of the Mississippi
House of Representatives is of great consequence to the entire state of Mississippi and that with
my vote I pledge to support a truly conservative candidate for Mississippi’s next Speaker of the
I pledge on this the ______ day of _________________________, 2011, to vote to
“FIRE McCOY and the Boys” when elected the next state Representative in House District
(district #)
(Candidate Signature)
** Upon signing this pledge, please forward a copy to the editors of so your commitment can be noted and recognized.