Today, an article came from Alabama in the Don Seligman case about his argument to the Supreme Court to overturn his corruption conviction.

About 100 former AGs including Mississippi’s own Mike Moore (consigliere to the Scruggs family), Ed Pittman (former MS AG and Moore’s predecessor) and Louisiana’s Richard Ieyoub (a bit player in the Scruggs saga with connections to Tim Balducci and Steve Patterson) signed the amicus brief (hattip Raw Story, which has been a major Scruggs/Minor sympathizer).

The upshot of the brief was a bunch of former AG candidates saying how hard it was to finance campaigns and that big donors shouldn’t be investigated for corruption.

Scruggs apparently hired some new lawyers to his ever growing team of high-paid sympathizers to argue to the court in the Seligman case. From the Birmingham News article,

Scruggs’ attorneys, Samuel Issacharoff and Richard Pildes (link added by YP), professors at New York University School of Law, supported Siegelman’s petition and argued the laws about honest services fraud are vague and need clarification.

“In both (Siegelman’s and Scruggs’ cases) the critical questions are what standard of proof the government must meet when this kind of political activity is alleged to be a bribe and what evidence suffices to meet that standard,” they wrote.

I doubt they argued about attempting to influence the appointment of a judge in front of whom they had a multi-million dollar case. Of course later this month, Team Scruggs will argue the specifics of his own case in Aberdeen, likely to no avail.

This seems to be a very quiet flanking maneuver for Scruggs to take another swing at freedom. Drafting off Seligman keeps Scruggs largely out of the Mississippi media. His media machine is certainly not promoting this here (where there are syncophants in the media willing to write whatever he wants), but it appears that Scruggs feels like if he can help get Seligman a win, that will give him something to grab onto during his appeal.

Don’t think for a minute that they’ve given up or just going through the motions.