In Anita Lee’s story today ran in the Sun Herald, there was a link to the producer of Hot Coffee who is soliciting web money to create ” a narrative feature film (with a script and actors) that portrays in a
fictionalized way the true story of Justice Oliver Diaz, as seen in Hot Coffee.”

YallPolitics is fully supportive of this feature film and we humbly have a few character actors to submit for consideration.

I think I’d like to see Dickie Scruggs played by Kelsey Grammar

For Zach Scruggs (that’s Mr. Scruggs to us). . . there’s no question. It’s Macauley Culkin.

For Steve Patterson . . . Sorrell Booke (aka Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg)

For Jim Hood . . . none other than Ben “Cooter” Jones from the Dukes of Hazard

For Mike Moore . . . Tom Wopat – also of Dukes of Hazard fame

And for Paul Minor (big finish) – the consigliere himself, Robert Duvall