Today, Bobby Harrison blogged

The fact that House Speaker Billy McCoy, D-Rienzi, has said he will not appoint conferees to try to negotiate a legislative redistricting compromise with the Senate is important, but in reality only symbolic. (emphasis mine)
McCoy’s actions will not prevent a compromise if the various parties involved in the conflict want to achieve one.

George Flaggs on Friday said

Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, said Friday that even if negotiations don’t take place on the existing redistricting resolution, a new resolution could be filed and redistricting could be resolved before the legislative session is scheduled to end in two weeks.
“There’s a lot of time on the clock,” Flaggs said. “It’s time for cool heads to prevail.”

Flaggs is a smart guy and a great talker. The way I read it is that Democrats are creating some wiggle room for McCoy to blink. I believe McCoy & Co. know they lose in court. The message they’re pushing seems to be that Democrats won’t appoint conferees to JR 201, BUT (big but) maybe we’d negotiate on something else.

Phil Bryant and the Senate and House Republicans are winning right now. Democrats are inviting you to blink. Don’t. Just win.