There were a few surprises on the last campaign finance reports before the primary. Here are a few notes of interest.

AG’s race

Hood $365k
Hurst $305k

Raised in July

Hood $235,206.22
Hurst $103,465.00

BUT Hood’s total includes a $200k check from DAGA – without it, Hurst tripled him.
Hood had similar stumbles in the first report of 2015, when he came up short of Hurst for the period and had to get a DAGA check and report contributions outside of the reporting period to make his totals look bigger.

Hurst raised all but $3250 from in state Hood raised all but $20k from out of state
Hurst $ is 90% in state
Hood $ is 90% out of state

Bottom line – Hurst is doing what he needs to do. He’ll need help from outside money later on, but this has the potential to be a real race

Lynn Fitch raised $120K and has $58K COH
Challenger David McRae banked $460K in July and is sitting on $165K COH. Notably, $450K came from the candidate in this reporting period.

McRae has way outspent Lynn Fitch. In a downticket race with the incumbent with relatively low name ID, this could get interesting on election night. I haven’t seen any polling on this one yet.

Insurance Commissioner
Mike Chaney raised $62K and is sitting on $99K COH
Challenger John Mosley raised $129K with $125 coming from the candidate himself. He is sitting on $35K COH.

I don’t think this race is particularly close.

Stacey Pickering has raised $39K and is sitting on $82K COH
Challenger Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler loaned her campaign $50K of the $53K she shows this period and she sits on $61K COH.