The Marshall County GOP, whose county organizational skills may be somewhat lacking (as Marshall County voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Brad Morris in 2012), has “censured” US Senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran for not, in their eyes, being Republican enough for them. Apparently Cochran and Wicker had the temerity to vote in favor of super controversial measures like Hurricane Sandy Relief.

6.Voted to fund 50.5 Billion for Super Storm Sandy: In January of 2013, Senator Cochran voted to federally fund disaster relief. This bill was unconstitutional and this funding was not for acute disaster relief, rather it acted as a stimulus. Senator Cochran voted with the Democrats in opposition to most of his own party. Further, in opposition to his own party, he rejected an amendment that would offset the costs added to the federal deficit.,

Interestingly the only difference between the Wicker and Cochran resolutions was that in the learned opinion of the Marshall County Republican Party, someone else needs to run against Thad Cochran next year.

Read for yourself.