Today, Jere Nash reacted to House 119 Republican candidate Charles Busby, who is trying to unseat Rep. Brandon Jones.

Nash’s basic point was that Busby’s “Billy McCoy is Mississippi’s Nancy Pelosi” wouldn’t fly. That’s fine. I don’t agree, but Jere is a smart guy and a true operative on the D side.

But Jere let his guard down. Right at the end of his post, he slipped this in.

P.S. Mr. Busby also wrote this: “If we can win 9 more [House seats], republicans will control the house for the first time in history.” Someone should tell Mr. Busby that Republicans controlled the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1870 to 1875 during Reconstruction; even elected a black Speaker. Somehow I get the feeling that if Mr. Busby had been running for office in 1870, he wouldn’t have been a Republican.

That, my friends, is the sound of desperation. A racial jab aimed at Busby and Republicans in general had NOTHING to do with the post. I’m telling you, folks, Jere and his friends (as well intentioned as they think they may be) are freaking the hell out. Their party system is in freefall and they are down to their last fortification on the battlefield – the House. The race card may be the last one they play.

Desperation makes people do crazy things, and not much will surprise me this cycle. However, I am here to tell you that the battle for the Mississippi House is likely the most important vote in decades in Mississippi. Jere knows it and he and the folks on his team are trying desperately to find a message or an infrastructure to hold on. If I am a betting man, if Jere’s post is any indication, I’d say they’ll be unsuccessful.