Nothing spells doom for a campaign like having the Jackson Free Press endorse you. It’s like breaking a mirror while walking under a ladder with a black cat under your arm. Certain bad political fortunes go to those who receive that endorsement.

For a minute, I believed the JFP might endorse Whitwell, if for no other reason than to actually try and fool advertisers into thinking they want someone competent in that position. However, with an opponent who had questionable signatures on her application and who has violated about every sign placment ordinance in Jackson, that was just too much for the JFP not to love. No one can pick ’em quite like the JFP.

As for opponent Patricia Ice: We know her as a person, an advocate for the less fortunate and an immigrants-rights attorney. She is a smart family woman, and she cares about the residents of Jackson. We believe she will think independently, but with an ear toward the rights of people over corporations. We’re glad she decided to run, and we believe she would represent the people of Ward 1, and the entire city, better than her opponent.

Please turn out and vote for Ice on Feb. 15.

Folks, it’s like reading the comics . . . only the graphics are worse. With the JFP on the other side of the political bet, bet the ranch.