Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley has been making the rounds on the news circuit this past week. CNN, AP, blogs, facebook, twitter . . . if it broadcasts, Presley’s been on it talking about pardons.

Now, the PSC’s job ordinarily entails regulating utilities, but don’t tell that to Presley, who has taken the political opportunity of the Barbour Pardons to recreate himself into a corrections policymaking maven. I mean, we know there’s not much bench strength in the Democratic party in MS to speak on behalf of the opposition, but when you are down to one of the guys that regulates electric companies and telemarketers talking about correctional policy, being pro-life and the gubernatorial pardon policy, it’s time to find a different coach.

Mississippi Gov. pardoned HOW many people??
“Pouring liquor and mixing cocktails and ironing the governor’s shirt shouldn’t earn you a pardon for murder or any of these other heinous crimes,” said Presley. “He’s talked like Dirty Harry and he’s acted like Barney Fife. He’s turned these folks loose and pretty much just set the jail cell doors open for these killers and other felons to go out on the street.”

Pardon season

The pardons outraged victims’ relatives as well as Democratic lawmakers, who called for an end to the custom of governors’ issuing such end-of-tenure pardons.

“Serving your sentence at the Governor’s Mansion where you pour liquor, cook and clean should not earn a pardon for murder,” Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley, a Democrat, posted Monday on his Facebook page.