Last night, the Mississippi Tea Party threw Ed Holliday overboard. This statement came from the Central MS Tea Party.

The recent post portraying Dr. Ed Holliday as a “Tea Party leader/spokesman” does not represent any known Tea Party group in the Mississippi Tea Party. His premise does not represent the conservative principles of the Mississippi Tea Party which are “Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.” To construe anything other than those principles in connection with the Mississippi Tea Party is false on its face. The Mississippi Tea Party has enthusiastically endorsed Chris McDaniel’s candidacy because of his unwavering conservative principles reflecting the true values of the United States Constitution.

This was apparently in response to Tupelo dentist, Dr. Ed Holliday, writing an article in the Daily Journal supporting Cochran.

He wrote, in part,

Now as to the two Republican candidates, McDaniel is a strong challenger. But the way you describe Thad as a weak warrior who has outlived his political strengths is so erroneous that it would be more likely for the Mississippi Gulf to freeze solid before he could ever be called weak and ineffective. Ask the negotiators of the recently passed farm bill who worked the hardest. And when Mississippi needs a leader to deliver disaster aid like after Hurricane Katrina who does that best?

Now how about the possibility of Mississippi losing our National Guard’s 155th. When it comes to batting at the plate and swinging to keep our 155th and other important issues who would you rather have in the batter’s box? Travis Childers? Chris McDaniel? Or Thad “the Babe Ruth of appropriations negotiations” Cochran? Mississippi has bases loaded, voters will choose who swings the bat. Choose wisely Mississippi, we need a grand slam!

Now, who is Ed Holliday and what are his connections to the Tea Party?

First, he runs the website

He has also spoken at Tea Party rallies.

He was also described by AFA’s Brian Fischer as one of the founders of the tea party movement in North Mississippi.

Grant Sowell of the Tupelo Tea Party and Holliday have penned pieces together in the Daily Journal. They also appeared at events together.

And finally, Holliday had an ad for his radio show on the Central MS Tea Party site within the last week (h/t Google Cache – lower right hand corner).

Is there trouble in utopia? Is there a break in the dam?