On a lunch break, but here are some quick thoughts.

Fascinating crowd. In the pre-court warmups Chip Robertson wasnworking Patsy Brumfield (who is generally transcribing the procedings) pretty hard.

Tim Balducci was on the stand from shortly past 10:00 a.m. – lunch (at 11:30). It was the trial that never happened. Balducci recounted in detail everything about the conspiracy. It seems like Dickie Scruggs was the one on trial as Robertson spent a good bit of time pushing on how Dickie’s influence pushed Balducci. They also spent a good bit of time on the same argument as Paul Minor made . . . namely, that the influence of Judge Lackey was irrelevant because compelling Jones’ case to arbitration was the “right legal decision”.

After lunch, stuff with Balducci should get more interesting. I’ll have more later today.