Don’t get me wrong, folks. The fact that the Democrat leadership has decided to forgo budgeting this year to protect their political hides (specifically “blue dog” Democrats in the South) is beyond pathetic. In my mind, it shows just how morally and intellectually bankrupt the current leadership in Washington and the people who vote to keep them there really are.

HOWEVER, my email inbox is filled to the brim with people wanting to get stuff out there. Every once in a while, I oblige. This is something sent to me by the GOP House leadership and it is so lame, it’s sickening.

Folks, there is so much ammo out there to demonstrate how off-course the current Democrat leadership is . . . and they come up with THIS?

All the ingredients are there for making major gains to make a real change in leadership, but if the folks that did this video are calling the political plays, I wouldn’t get anyone’s hopes up too much.