Monday, Adam Lynch popped out a quick and rather poorly thought out article about the Jim Hood/Entergy Case entitled Mississippi Entergy Case Proceeding Despite Louisiana Decision. It embodied what we have come to expect from the JFP. Multiple errors. No source checking. The usual.

Entergy supporter, Alan Langue, at political blogspot ‘Ya’ll Politics’ framed the decision as the collapse of a main support in the Hood suit.

“Hood’s entire Mississippi rate case was based on a Louisiana case. Well, guess what. That case just got tossed by the LA Supreme Court,” Lange wrote. “… If Jim Hood is right, and his allegations are exactly the same as the Gordon case, then the fact that the Louisiana Supreme Court just rejected those allegations do not bode well for him. He asked for evidence ‘that says they didn’t do this in Louisiana,’ now he has it in the form of a Supreme Court ruling. It seems in arguing for the Gordon Case, Hood has proved Entergy’s defense.”

Not quite. The Supreme Court did not overturn the council’s decision that Entergy had improperly charged city customers, and did not order the city to repay any undue fines or fees to Entergy New Orleans.

I am not sure who Alan Langue is or what a political blogspot is. I didn’t know that “Langue” was an Entergy supporter, but I damn sure know that Y’all ain’t spelled Ya’ll.

Anyhoo, realizing their multiple errors and trying to wrangle the comment string, which had gone in a completely unintended direction (about alternative energy), they have since revised the article without admitting or apologizing for blatant journalistic error (something that they shockingly accuse others of on a regular basis). They left the comment string in place. Now the article more prominently features yours truly and they’ve pushed it back up the ladder of front page stories trying fishing for nasty comments they don’t want to make themselves. However, as of the writing this post, there continue to be no takers.

Here’s their revision.

Republican critics of Attorney General Jim Hood are celebrating a Louisiana Supreme Court decision reducing the fine that Entergy New Orleans has to pay for overcharging ratepayers. Entergy New Orleans is a subsidiary of Entergy Inc., which the state of Mississippi is currently suing for overcharging ratepayers.

“Hood’s entire Mississippi rate case was based on a Louisiana case. Well, guess what. That case just got tossed by the La Supreme Court,” conservative blogger Alan Lange wrote in celebration last week.

I have PDFd that article as it’s likely they’ll change it (without warning) again to fix further messups.

Pretty weak, IMHO.