YP – ADA Tom Levidiotis demoted, new ADA takes over for Lafayette County

In January, a new assistant district attorney, Tom Levidiotis, took over for Lafayette County. Since then he has taken some heat from the blogosphere (more here, and here). The story about Kevin Camp getting a continuance because he was going to Africa turned out to be misinformation from Levidiotis.

According to multiple sources who work in the courthouse daily, Levidiotis has taken a much smaller role as of recently.

Though officials are not saying exactly what happened to cause the change (it’s private and we can understand that), several in-the-know sources explain that Levidiotis had a hard time getting along with people he had to work with. Including law enforcement, defense lawyers, judges, and the local press. Levidiotis is still an assistant DA, for at least the rest of this year, but serves in a much smaller capacity. Reportedly, he is still in charge of the Christian Bonner prosecution.

So who’ll take over for Levidiotis? Well of course Ben Creekmore is the head DA for Lafayette County, but the lead prosecutor will now be Honey Ussery. She has been in charge of the sex crimes unit, and will now be the lead prosecutor for that one county. Another female ADA was also hired to help with Marshall County and Lafayette County.