After much careful thought and consideration, I am excited to
announce my endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney for President of the
United States. Governor Romney is a true, proven conservative with the
right experience and values to lead our country into a better

Governor Romney is the candidate who can beat President Barack Obama
in November. He provides a much-needed contrast from the failed
economic policies of the Obama administration, and his real world
experience and proven record of results only strengthen his potential
in a head-to-head matchup with President Obama.

Governor Romney has proven during his career in the private sector
that he is up to the challenge of getting our economy back on track
and putting Americans back to work. While in the private sector, he
created thousands of jobs, launched or saved hundreds of companies,
and brought the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics back from the
brink of disaster, turning it into an enormously successful Olympic

Governor Romney is a true fiscal conservative candidate who will cut
Federal spending and balance our budget. While Governor of
Massachusetts, he eliminated a 3 billion dollar deficit, cut taxes 19
times and left a 2 billion dollar surplus behind him. This is the
fiscal responsibility that Washington needs to get its outrageous
spending under control.

I am honored to give my support to a proven candidate and a family
man. Mitt Romney and his wife of 42 years, Ann Romney, have five boys
and 16 grandchildren.

I hope you will join Deborah and me in voting for Mitt Romney in
Mississippi’s Primary on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

Governor Phil Bryant