YP – Discovery in the feds fight against Bob Wilson put on hold

The United States filed its Motion to Strike and for Judgment of Forfeiture in this
proceeding on March 12, 2009. Docket #13. In its motion, the United States requests that the
Court strike the Claim and Answer of Wm. Roberts Wilson and Roberts Wilson, Jr., P.C., and
alleges that each claimant lacks the requisite standing to contest the forfeiture of the Defendant
property. The United States has requested that the court stay discovery pending a ruling on the
motion to strike and defendants William Roberts Wilson, Jr., and Roberts Wilson, Jr., PC have
filed an objection to the request. The court has reviewed the objection as well as the
government’s reply and holds that the stay should be granted in accordance with UNIF. LOC. R.
Rule 16.1 (B)(5) of the Rules of the United States District Courts for the Northern
District of Mississippi and the Southern District of Mississippi provides as follows:
(a) In civil asset forfeiture actions in which the United States files a motion
challenging the claimant’s standing, the attorney conference and disclosure
requirements and all discovery not relevant to the standing issue shall be stayed
pending the court’s ruling on the standing issue.
(b) At the time the motion challenging the claimant’s standing is filed, the United States
shall submit to the magistrate judge a proposed order granting the stay but
permitting discovery on the standing issue.
THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED, that pursuant to UNIF. LOC. R. 16.1 (B)(5)(a), all
Case 3:08-cv-00137-SA-SAA Document 29 Filed 08/21/2009 Page 1 of 2
discovery not relevant to the standing issue is hereby stayed pending the Court’s resolution of the
motion to strike and for judgment of forfeiture. Furthermore, pursuant to UNIF. LOC. R. 16.1
(B)(5)(c), the parties shall promptly notify the magistrate judge of a decision on the standing
issue and shall submit a proposed order lifting the stay if it is determined that the claimants have

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