House Republicans launched an unprecedented initiative this week to engage Americans across the country to help craft a new agenda for Congress. “America Speaking Out” is designed for your voice to direct the policy being debated in Washington.

Under the current leadership, the priorities of the American public have been traded for backroom deals and closed door meetings. House Republicans will change this practice, which is why we have offered sound solutions to decreasing runaway federal spending, creating jobs, improving affordable access to health care and increasing domestic energy production. But more importantly, we recognize that you are in charge. This is why we are soliciting your ideas – regardless of party affiliation.

America Speaking Out is a blend of online social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and personal discussions between you and your Member of Congress. This state-of-the-art website allows you to suggest an idea or weigh in on an idea offered by people across the country. In addition to, House Republicans will connect through the telephone and gather input in-person from their constituents.

If the American people want to change the way Washington operates, then it’s time they speak out and time that Washington hears their voices. I encourage all Mississippians to participate in this innovative process, regardless of political philosophy. Our country needs your input.

America, speak out. I’m listening.