With the May job numbers released we are once again reminded of the failed policies of President Obama and his fellow Democrat in the 1st District (MS-01)Rep. Travis Childers when it comes to putting Americans back to work. The bottom line is: Mississippi deserves better.

Mississippi deserves better than the White House’s public relations campaign on the current job numbers. Any kind of job growth is always welcome, but unfortunately, the numbers out today don’t accurately reflect the reality in the states. The data was skewed by the hiring of hundreds of thousands of temporary Census workers who will once again be out of work following its completion. 9.7% unemployment is simply unacceptable. Mississippians want REAL economic growth and development, and no amount of spin from the Obama Administration about misleading jobs numbers can hide the fact that the President’s policies have been a colossal failure when it comes to creating jobs.

Mississippi’s First District deserves better than Rep. Childers. Rep. Childers’ support of the failed $862 billion stimulus helped put our nation over $13 trillion in debt, vastly expanded the federal government, and simply continued Washington’s out of control spending spree. Rep. Childers has routinely fallen in line with the Obama Administration’s liberal policies that stifle small businesses and do little to put Mississippians back to work.

Mississippi’s First District deserves a better Representative in Congress: Alan Nunnelee. Alan Nunnelee is a strong conservative candidate who will support limited government, lower taxes, and pro-growth policies that will encourage job creation for all Mississippians. I am confident that in November, Mississippi voters will come out in droves for Alan Nunnelee and help put a stop to the high spending, big-government agenda of President Obama and Rep. Childers that has failed to solve the economic challenges facing the state.